12 Miraculous Benefits of Stinging Nettle


12 Miraculous Benefits of Stinging Nettle.

The benefits of stinging nettle do not end with counting. First of all, as we all know, this weed should not be touched with bare hands. It can burn the skin because it contains substances called acelylcholine and histemin in the hair. In the leaves of nettle; glycoside, potassium, secretin, calcium nitrate, vitamin C, formic acid, iron, chlorophyll, iron, mineral salts in its roots; In sterolene, lignin and sterile glycoside seeds; fixed oils, proteins, mucilage, carotenoids, and chlorophyll are available. We’ll cover the benefits of all this, don’t worry.

We start counting the benefits of stinging nettle. The suggestion for preparing nettle tea as a tea in our article: Throw 1 teaspoon of dried nettle into boiled water and brew for 10 minutes. Serve by straining the herbs. A delicious tea awaits you. Don’t stop, try it now.

A quick note: Unlike many other herbs and herbs, nettle does not lose its vitamin and other properties when boiled or cooked. For this reason, pastries, soups or a meal made of fresh nettle are also very useful. We cannot finish by counting the benefits of stinging nettle. You can cook very good meals with nettle.

You can find 12 miraculous benefits of nettle in our article.

Supports the healing process of eczema

You can also benefit from the creams used for this purpose of nettle, which is seen as an aid in the treatment of eczema when used as an oil.

Nourishes hair from root to tip

You can wash your hair with freshly boiled nettle juice. Considering that many hair care products are with nettle essence today, we can benefit from the feature of strengthening the hair and relaxing the scalp with the water we prepare naturally in our home.

It increases our resistance and protects from diseases.

The nettle you consume as tea will instantly increase the body’s resistance to diseases thanks to the vitamin C it contains.

Also has diuretic properties in children

Scientific researches have revealed that stinging nettle juice / tea -with the approval of the doctor- has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, especially in children.

Regulates blood sugar

It is also known to regulate blood sugar when brewed as tea, as it has a direct effect on the pancreas.

Eliminates menstrual pain

Another feature of women is that they regulate blood flow and reduce pain during their menstrual periods.

Stops coughing after diseases

Although the diseases have passed, it plays a very important role in the treatment of cough, which is popularly known as “dry cough”. Optionally, you can add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of nettle tea. In the meantime, we said the remainder of the disease, but you can drink it during your illness.

It is the best friend of the circulatory system

In cases where you have constipation problem, when you prepare stinging nettle tea and drink a glass on an empty stomach, it will eliminate this problem by having a short-term treatment process.

It is a medicine for nursing mothers

Especially in the postpartum period, tea and food should be consumed. This herb, which makes milk significantly, also increases the quality of the milk. For this, let us remind you that it will be useful to consult an expert.

More effective than spinach

It solves the problems of people with iron deficiency because it contains high amounts of iron vitamins.

Relieves rheumatism pain

For rheumatism pain, it is recommended to wash the feet with water containing nettle and massage them gently.

Number one in oral care

As it has anti-bacterial properties, it is useful as a tonic and in oral and dental care. The only thing you need to do for this is to gargle with nettle water that you cool down after boiling.

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