Everythink About Turkish Coffee Making. How to make Turkish Coffee ?

Before I start Turkish coffee making, I would like to give some information about Turkish coffee making. What is Turkish Coffee? What Is required to take Turkish Coffee Making ? How should be served Turkish Coffee? Turkish Coffee Recipe ?



Turkish coffee has come from the Ottoman Empire, which has an important place in Turkish culture, to the present day. It is one of the oldest coffee preparation and cooking methods. With its unique taste, foam, smell and form of presentation. It has a unique identity and tradition. It is the only type of coffee served with grounds.


WHAT IS REQUIRED TO MAKE TURKISH COFFEE Turkish coffee set. Coffee pot and Turkish coffee cup.
Turkish coffee set. Fresh Turkish Coffee, Coffee pot and Turkish coffee cup. | Turkish Coffee Making

Before you can prepare a good Turkish coffee making, your Turkish Coffee must be fresh. Turkish coffee that you will do with an old coffee leaves a sour taste in your mouth, and the subject will disgrace you to the neighbor. So your coffee is fresh be sure. The simplest way to preserve the freshness of coffee is to take it in small quantities and consume buy a new one.
Our second need is a Turkish coffee set. Coffee pot and Turkish coffee cup. Coffee pot is copper, it tastes best from coffee allows you to take. You can also make good coffee in steel coffeepots, but the best coffees are always from a copper.
Finally, water and sugar. Of course, it can be sugar or sugar free according to desire. Watershould be drinking water. In general, the water should not be hot or warm. It is sufficient measure that the water is at room temperature.


HOW SHOULD BE SERVED TURKISH COFFEE? how to serve Turkish Coffee
How should be served Turkish Coffee? | Turkish Coffe Making

We would like to talk about how to serve Turkish Coffee and how to get that 40-year
sake. Coffee has an important place in Turkish history. This tradition dates back to very old times.

First of all, Coffee should be roasted well and finely ground. Then our guests are asked how they will get the coffee and according to their tastes, it is the head of the hearth. You know that cooking coffee is also an art.

It is filled in cups suitable for the size of coffee cooked in a copper coffee pot. These cups should be white, neither too big nor too small, medium size cups should be preferred. In our old traditions, served with a small glass of water and Turkish delight beside coffee ideal to be done. But instead of Turkish delight, you can also serve with chocolate.

It is said in several ways that the water next to the coffee is served for what purpose. Some say it is to avoid damaging the throat thanks to coffee grounds. Some say if the guest is hungry tells that water is put in order to learn. If the guest is hungry, he will show that he is politely hungry by drinking the water. If he is not hungry, he will take his coffee and sip it. In this way, we will politely understand whether they are hungry.


How to make Turkish Coffe ? Turkish Coffee Making ? Turkish Coffee Recipe ?

“How to make Turkish coffee made? How do I Turkish Coffee making at home?” Let us explain how to make Turkish coffee made for those who have questions such as. We make Turkish coffee step by step.

First we put coffee according to the number of people we will make in our coffee pot. Let’s make two. We add to our coffee pot two teaspoons of coffee. Then we add two cups of room temperature water to the pot. We determine how much sugar we will put last. If we are doing plain, we don’t put sugar. If we make coffee with a little sugar, we put 1 teaspoon of sugar. If we do medium coffee, we put 2 teaspoons of sugar. If we are making sugary coffee, we add 4 teaspoons of sugar. We mix it lightly. We expect all coffees to mix with water. You can also create your own formula by looking at the table below.

Plain Turkish Coffee:

Coffee; a teaspoon
Sugar ; –
Water; a cup

Turkish Coffee with a little sugar :

Coffee; a teaspoon
Sugar ; Half a teaspoon
Water; a Cup

Turkish Coffee with medium-sugar:

Coffee; a teaspoon
Sugar ; a teaspoon
Water; a cup

Sugary Turkish Coffee:

Coffee; a teaspoon
Sugar ; 2 teaspoons
Water; a cup

Now coffee is ready to cook. We turn the bottom of the stove moderately. If we cook the coffee fast, we can’t get foam. When our coffee, which is cooked slowly, starts to foam and swell, we take some foam into the cup and immediately put the coffee pot on the stove. With this move, we got the first foam from coffee. We take the second foam by boiling the coffee lightly.
Here it is ready! We also answered the question of how to make plenty of frothy Turkish Coffee made. If you have coffee machine at home you can also use it but it is may not as delicious as Turkish coffee prepared by cooking slowly in copper coffee pot. I’m telling you 🙂

As the saying goes; The heart does not want coffee, nor the coffee shop; The heart asks for a conversation, coffee is an excuse.
Have a good conversation. Enjoy your meal!:)

Finally, since we made our Turkish coffee making, let’s take a look at the benefits and history of Turkish coffee. 🙂


Turkish Coffee is the name of the method of preparing and cooking coffee discovered by the Turks. It has a special taste, a unique identity and tradition with its foam, fragrance, cooking and catering. Previously in the Arabian Peninsula, it was the beverage obtained by boiling the coffee fruit. Real coffee with this brand new method of preparation and cooking has gained its flavor and unique aroma. Europe meets with coffee thanks to Turks; Turkish coffee for many years ıt has been prepared and consumed with this method as coffee. In 1517, Yemen Governor Özdemir Pasha brought the coffee he admired to his taste to Istanbul.
Thanks to the brand-new preparation method found by the Turks, Turkish is cooked in
coffee, jug and coffeepots. It took the name of coffee. Every time of the day, books and fine writings are read, chess and backgammon are played, poetry and literature conversations coffeehouses and coffee culture, where it was made, marked the social life of the period. In the palace kitchen and Coffee, which took its place in the houses, began to be consumed in large quantities. Raw coffee beans are roasted in pans
Then they are drunk in pests and cooked in coffeepots, and serve the most respected friends with great care. In a short time, thanks to both merchants and travelers who had made their way to Istanbul and the Ottoman ambassadors. The taste and reputation of Turkish Coffee surrounded Europe first and then the whole world.


Turkish coffee is almost like a medicine for blood pressure patients. If the patient’s blood pressure is low, amplifier; If the pulse is low, there are benefits of regulating the pulse and removing the fatigue. Apart from these, Turkish coffee, many It also helps the internal organ to function properly. The best way to deal with diabetes is Turkish coffee is. Turkish coffee provides the sugar resistance of methobolism. To get rid of diabetes the amount of coffee that should be consumed to catch diabetes is 5-6 cups of Turkish coffee per day is expressed. It was also noted by experts that Turkish coffee consumption reduced the risk of diabetes by half is expressed.

Turkish Coffee is a complete store of antioxidants. Cooking coffee with grounds is the antioxidant capacity of Turkish coffee. increases. Especially the reason why coffee-loving citizens drink coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning cannot be explained with interest. Coffee in the morning is beneficial for the mentally health as well as physiologically.Coffee drunk in the morning increases the volume of the individual’s concentration and reduces forgetfulness.

The most common disease of the digital age is undoubtedly Alzheimer’s disease. Regularly consumed coffee is also. It prevents the Alzheimer’s disease and protects the rational structure of the body. If you are a regular exerciser, It is recommended by experts to consume sugar-free coffee half an hour or 45 minutes before doing sports. Turkish Increasing fat burning is also an important antioxidant.

Turkish coffee; It provides protection against cancer, especially it has a protective feature against prostate cancer. With coffee, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and Alzheimer’s are also considered to be inhibited. Coffee beans the antioxidants in it have an anti-aging and regenerating cells.

Turkish Coffee affects methodology, in this respect it is also helpful to diet, that is, weight loss. Turkish Coffee in its coffee has a thermogenic effect. With the thermogenic effect, the rapid metabolism. It is expressed by the experts it works, which increases weight loss so youconsume it daily. 3 cups of coffee will help you lose weight. One of the most important features of Turkish Coffee Caffeine soothe the nerves, Turkish coffee also creates a natural calming effect.

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