Practical Red Pepper Paste Recipe at Home

How to make red pepper paste recipe ? Homemade Easy and Pratical Red Pepper Paste Recipe.

We share a red pepper paste recipe that will add flavor to your meals. You can prepare red pepper paste at home by following our Red Pepper Paste Recipe.

Red Pepper paste is a must for breakfasts and cookware. Dishes of peppers, which are the ingredients of red pepper paste, which adds a different taste and smell, can be found at the markets in four seasons, but especially the taste of the red pepper paste made in the summer will never be satisfied. If you want to evaluate these summer days by making red pepper paste, and flavor your winter tables with delicious homemade red pepper paste, do not miss our key point and recipe. Here’s how to make red pepper paste recipe at home…

As we have always noted in all recipes, especially recipes of food that will be stored for a long time, use fresh and tender peppers when making pepper paste. Make sure your peppers are plentiful.

Stir constantly while boiling your red pepper paste. Make sure that the spoon you use to mix is wooden. Otherwise, the metal spoon will cause your pepper paste to be watered.

Adjust the salt amount of your pepper paste to your taste. But keep in mind that salty red pepper paste will last longer and pepper paste will prevent salt from spoiling. Regardless of the amount, add rock salt, not iodized salt, to pepper paste. This is very important for the consistency of your red pepper paste. If you use iodized table salt, your red pepper paste will be watered.

Boil, disinfect and dry the jars you will put your red pepper paste. If possible, try not to touch the inside of the jars with your hands. Make sure that the caps you use are also new, if possible. You can also boil the lids with the jars.

After dividing your red pepper paste into jars, put a finger oil on it. Thus, your pepper paste does not come into contact with air and does not deteriorate. Instead of oil, you can pour the melted butter on the red pepper paste. When the oil freezes, it will act as a second cap.

"This pepper paste recipe is for a large jar."

Ingredients for Red Pepper Paste Recipe

5 kilograms of red capia pepper
500 grams of hot green pepper (as desired)
3 tablespoons of rock salt
1/2 cup sunflower oil

Cooking Suggestion of Red Pepper Paste Recipe

The red pepper paste that you give consistency and that you will keep in clean glass jars; You can season the black pepper, garlic and fresh fresh thyme leaves. In addition to the two drying methods in the recipe, you can mix the water of the pepper paste paste puree in the oven.

How to Make Red Pepper Paste Recipe?

1- Cut the stem parts of the meat capia peppers that you wash in plenty of water and the hot pointed peppers you will use to give the red pepper paste bitterness with a knife. Remove the nuclei.

2- chop the red capia peppers randomly into large pieces. Sprinkle a small amount of rock salt between them and place in a deep pan with lid. Cook for about 20 minutes in a closed pan with a little hot water.

3- Strain the boiled water of the peppers in a separate place to add flavor to different recipes such as soup.

4- To obtain a more concise and smooth paste, set aside the shell (pulp) portions of the peppers you have strained through the wire strainer. Another method is to mash the boiled peppers for a short time with the help of a hand mixer.

5- Put the pepper puree you obtained in a deep saucepan and let it boil over low heat until it draws its water. Do not forget to mix it with a wooden spoon so that the bottom does not hold and splash.

6- Transfer the red pepper paste, which draws water and becomes thick, to the pre-boiled clean and dry jars while it is hot. Close the covers tightly. Turn it over and let it sit overnight. Once opened and started to use, pour oil on it and keep it in the refrigerator with the lid closed.

Add flavor to your meals ! : )

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