Turkish Baked Anchovy Recipe

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Our recipe today Baked Anchovy Recipe

Turkish Baked Anchovy Recipe. How to make Baked Anchovy ?
  • 1 kilo of anchovy
  • Corn flour
  • Normal flour
  • Liquid oil

Baked Anchovy Recipe Preparation
  • Let’s mix corn flour and regular flour in a bowl.
  • We cut the anchored and salted anchovies into flour and arrange them on oiled paper.
  • Apply a little oil on the paper so that the fish are comfortable.
  • After lining, apply a little oil on the fish with your hand. This will make your fish more crispy.
  • And the fish are ready to enter the oven. Let’s cook for about 30 minutes in the oven you preheated.
  • Do not forget to put lemon slices on it.

If you have never cooked anchovy with this method and cooking anchovy is very troublesome, you will not believe in the convenience of this method. I guarantee you that there is no doubt about its taste, anchovy is no different from the pan. And your house does not smell, your stove does not sink, you do not have to take a shower, you do not have to wait at the top of the stove. Bon Appetit.

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