To Discover Bodrum ! If You Have Arrived In Bodrum Do Not Leave Without Doing These

To Discover Bodrum !

You should have an idea that one of the seven wonders of the world is within the boundaries of the district, and if you have come to Bodrum, what you should not go without doing here. For this reason, I have prepared a list titled What to do in Bodrum. Of course, additions to this list can be made a lot. While preparing the list, I based on what can be done in a 10-day Bodrum holiday and how you can live fully.

If you have a shorter or longer vacation plan, you can choose from the list and create your own daily plan. In addition to this list, I would definitely take a look at the article about places to visit in Bodrum.

What to do in Bodrum?
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To Discover Bodrum – Travel Advice on Turkey

1- Bodrum Castle and Underwater Museum; You can see many ancient artifacts related to the ancient history of Bodrum and the past years, you should definitely visit it.

2- Rent a private yacht or there are many daily boat trips on the coastline. Go to Orak Island, Aquarium Bay or Paradise Bay with one of these.

3- You can go to the island of Kos if you have a passport by using the daily ferries.

4- You can go to Datça by ferry in 45 minutes and spend time all day long on the wonderful peninsula where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet.

5- Visit Bodrum Markets. There are markets on various days of the week in many regions of the Bodrum peninsula. In fact, I would say that you should definitely visit the flea market next to Bitez Courthouse in the morning. Turgutreis has a great second hand market for making burters. Very good deals and interesting vintage products can be found at the local traditional market on Saturday.

6- Water sports are a great attraction in Bodrum, especially discovered by scuba diving. I tell you there is a wonderful plane wreck off Gümüşlük.

7- Cumhuriyet Caddesi is very attractive with small shopping inns and traditional shops, and shopping lovers will enjoy it.

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To Discover Bodrum

8- You can spend an exciting day at Dedeman’s water park with your children.

9- Get acquainted with Bodrum History and visit the historical ruins of King Mausolus’ tomb. Visit the remains of the ancient Myndos Gate from the Lelegian occupation

10- Visit the Ancient Castle built by pirates in Karaincir, then you can have a great time on the long and wide beach of Karaincir.

11-Be sure to visit the King Tombs in Yalıkavak.

12- After going to Yalıkavak, it is impossible to miss Sandima Village. Be sure to visit this wonderful abandoned nomad village.
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To Discover Bodrum

13- You can go to Aspat Bay which is crystal clear, you should definitely go to Mazı and Çökertme bays another day. Do not return without eating fish.

14- The Halicarnassus Mausoleum trip will be a perfect day for those interested in history.

15- Shopping enthusiasts can go to the Oasis mall, Midtown Mall.

16- Visit the majestic 17th century Mustafa Pasha tower in Ortakent. While you are in Ortakent, go to Cemal Beach and enjoy the wonderful beach and cool sea.

17- I think the bird watchers will enjoy exploring the places and birds in Tuzla’s salt lake. Then continue on the road, visit the Iosos ruins and then do not return without making raki and fish in the Bosphorus Village.

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To Discover Bodrum

18- You can have an exciting golfing experience at the nearby Vita Park Golf course.

19- If you have a passion for windsurfing, you should definitely go to Kadikalesi. You will love the northern winds.

20- Visit the old Myndos Gate ruins in Bodrum city center.

21- Get the camera ready for the famous red sunset photos of Gumusluk. And you can enjoy great raki and fish on the Gümüşlük beach. Make sure to climb the flag hill.

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To Discover Bodrum

22- Gumusluk becomes the center of attention throughout August as it hosts the international classical music festival. Many famous and enthusiastic musicians who express their souls with the power of music give these döner concerts.

23- The ancient ruins of Didimya are an impressive building and it is approximately 100 km away from Bodrum. Do not return without stopping by Ephesus Ancient City and Virgin Mary in the same region.

24- Bafa Lake is close by and is ideal for those who want to explore old villages, ancient slope ruins and natural scenery.

25- Visit the old Byzantine monastery standing on the east side of the bay in Torba. Visit this structure that has remained from the Lelegs for more than 2500 years.

26- Enjoy a peaceful walk in the silent monument park in Turgutreis and take great photos.

27- Take a walk in the hills behind Turgutreis and then come to Konacık and explore the Leleg Road.

28- Turgutreis is famous for its sunset and don’t forget to take this camera with you for a perfect vacation photo. And be sure to fish the raki at sunset.

29- Do not return without tasting Bodrum nightlife and Bodrum entertainment life. Make sure to spare 2-3 evenings for this.

30- Discover Yalıkavak’s famous windmills. discover Yalıkavak from a bird’s eye view.

31- Yalıkavak marina has an amphitheater with a seating area of ​​2500 people and often hosts great events. Follow the events and be sure to watch a concert taking place here.

32- Dibekli Han is both a mystical and an artistic place to visit.

33- Bodrum Antique Theater turns into a concert venue for dozens of famous artists from Sezen Aksu to Ajda Pekkan, from MFÖ to Ata Demirer and Tarkan during July and August. You are experiencing unforgettable moments in the view of Bodrum Castle, do not miss it.

34- Go to see the Euromos ruins.

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