Tricks of Making Meatballs at Home ? 11 Tips For Preparing Restaurant-style Grilled Meatballs at Home.

Why Is The Grilled Meatball We Eat At The Restaurant Always Delicious Than The Home? Tricks of making meatballs at home?

We share a secret of famous chefs today. Tricks of making meatballs at home ? 11 Tips For Preparing Restaurant-style Grilled Meatballs at Home.

7 to 70 that everyone loves, entering the kitchen almost every household, especially children’s favorite as a sort of passion for us from the beginning of the meatballs dinner. The meatballs, which settle in the corner of the most delicious tables of the world with fries, are fried in the pan, and the ones made in the juicy oven are always a beautiful and always a special specialty.

When a meal has such an important place for us, making it the way it deserves also becomes more important. Because it is a dish that looks very easy to make meatballs but does not forgive even the slightest mistake. Then we say “Why are my meatballs not like mother meatballs” and we don’t want to be sad. But here many people make these mistakes, meatballs do not deserve this.

Food that has been one of our favorite recipes since childhood. Meatball … We grew up, used to make meatballs as beautiful as mother’s meatballs, rolled up, we made meatballs hundreds of times in our own kitchen, we roasted potatoes next to it, but maybe when it is used outside or we couldn’t find it for the grilled meatballs we eat at the restaurant.

So what do the restaurants manage to make ready-made grilled meatballs, which are a different attraction with their scent and leave a different taste in their palate?

We reveal the secrets of restaurant kitchens, get closer. 🙂

What is the reason why the restaurant-style grilled meatballs are different from the home?
grilled meatballs. Tricks of making meatballs at home  11 Tips For Preparing Restaurant-style Grilled Meatballs at Home.
Grilled meatballs. Tricks of making meatballs at home 11 Tips For Preparing Restaurant-style Grilled Meatballs at Home.

The meatballs, which are located in restaurants as “grilled meatballs” or “cizbız meatballs”, do not resemble either mother’s meat or homemade meatballs. In order to prepare the meatballs that are more tough, more oily but have more flavor than the palate, the restaurant chefs have their own methods that are much different from us for cooking from minced meat selection.

If you make them in your own kitchen, you have no reason not to catch the taste of restaurant-style grilled meatballs.

The tips of restaurant-style grilled meatballs.

– Everything actually depends on the choice of minced meat. Minced meat used by restaurants is never uniform. They use veal and lamb mince mixed.

– Minced meat must be drawn twice. The fact that the minced meat is fatty is the second important point that gives the meatball the flavor. They often add tallow or tail oil.

tail oil. grilled meatballs. Turkish recipes

– The onion is quite large, they do not skip squeezing the onion. Because the onion juice gives bitterness to the meatballs.

– They do not use eggs and parsley, as we do at home.

– To ensure the density of the meatballs, they add boiled broth to the mortar. Let’s not mention bouillon, especially.

boiled broth. turkish recipes

– There are also those who do not add any bread, and those who do add bread to the minimum level of bread that is well squeezed. They know well that the well kneaded and rested meatballs will not spread without bread.

– They use black pepper, cumin and sometimes red powder pepper as spices. They do not add salt at the initial stage, because salt can absorb the meat.

– There are also those who add baking soda to the meatballs to rise. 1 teaspoon can be added to 1 kilo of minced meat.

-After the kneading process is over, they keep the mince in the cupboard for a long time. It is best to wait for a night.

– There are also those who knead one more time before proceeding to cooking. They take the meatballs on the grill and put the meatballs and turn them with tongs only when necessary.

– They roast the meatballs until one side turns yellow, then cook the other side and set aside. It is a good indication that the outside is well cooked and inside is juicy. In this way, they serve epic meatballs that are cooked to their fullest.

Here are the tricks of making delicious meatballs at home;

Don’t throw the stale bread into the mortar with its crust.

If you want your meatballs to be soft, don’t put the bread with the crust. Crust causes the patties to harden. If you add the shells, you should increase the size of the other ingredients so that your meatballs are not like stones when they are bitten. You can also use breadcrumbs in your recipe instead of bread.

Knead the meatballs by hand

Meatballs are a meal prepared by hand kneading. If you get help from metal tools so that your hands don’t get dirty or with hygienic reservations, the taste of the metal will pass to your meatballs. If you do not want to mix your hands into the work, choose a wooden spoon.

Add onion to the mortar after squeezing

One of the ingredients that makes meatballs is undoubtedly onion. Instead of chopping onion, try grating it for a more homogeneous texture. Squeeze or filter the water while adding your onions to the mortar so that your meatballs are not very juicy.

Do not buy the minced meat without having it pulled twice.

Although the minced meat is sold as “minced meatballs”, ask the market from the butcher to take the minced meat from the machine twice while buying minced meat for the meatballs. You can even sign a more delicious recipe if you buy 20% concept oil of minced meat weight and have it taken twice.

Apply different recipes for different cooking techniques.

A world of meatball recipes. There are thousands of different. At this point, your cooking technique is also very important. For example, if you are going to fry meatballs in the pan, you should choose lean meat, and if you prefer meatballs in the oven, you should have a minced meat. Likewise, the ingredients of roast meatballs should be tougher than those in the oven, so that they do not disperse while cooking in the pan.

Leave it for a while after preparing the meatballs.

One of the secrets you need to know to make perfect meatballs is to prepare the mortar the day before and keep it in the refrigerator at night. If you are going to consume it immediately during the day, try to keep it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. In this way, the ingredients do not disperse and become tastier.

Do not cook over high heat.

The best of the meatballs comes out of what is cooked on low heat. In order for the outer shell to be lightly crusted and sealed, it is a good choice to turn it upside down at high fire, then immediately under the fire. It should not be forgotten that the meatballs cooked on high heat will cook faster and the raw meat will remain raw. If you want your meatballs to have a barbecue, grill-like taste, you can choose the thick bottom cast pan.

Do not use forks when turning in a pan.

In general, we have a tradition of turning the meatballs cooked on the fire inside out with a fork. But the fork may cause the patties to fall apart. So it is most accurate and guaranteed to use tongs. Baking each surface of the meatballs for 3 minutes on average is enough for delicious and juicy meatballs.

Bon Appetit ! : )

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