Obesity is one of the 10 most risky diseases!

Obesity is one of the 10 most risky diseases!

Underlining that obesity is one of the 10 most risky diseases according to WHO, Op. Dr. Ergenç, “Again, according to WHO, 2.8 million people die each year due to obesity. The second most important cause of preventable deaths after smoking is obesity. One out of 3 adults in the USA is obese.

How do we protect from obesity?

Stating that the most important rule to prevent obesity is sports and movement, Op. Dr. Ergenç gave the following statements: “If possible, we should do sports. If we cannot do sports, we should increase our movement. For example, we can use stairs instead of elevators. If we use public transportation, we should get up and walk 1-2 stops before. We should not use vehicles when going to the market, to nearby places. Short walks can be made.

We should make our food choices mainly protein and vegetables. We should drink plenty of water. We should stay away from ready-made foods and foods high in carbohydrates as much as possible. We must have a regular and high quality diet. A sports branch can be chosen at an early age for our children. Controlled free eating behaviors can be developed. We should not expect them to eat the same amount of food as our own portions.

We can give them the habit of reading tags. We can follow up regularly with a doctor. Restricted tablet, pc etc. we should give importance to the use of technology. We must act as an example for them. After all, children will take their parents as role models. “


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