Experts announced! Delaying aging, protective against cancer!

TUBITAK expert Assoc. Dr. Oytun Erbaş: Honey delays aging and protects against cancer.

TUBITAK experimental medicine specialist Assoc. Dr. Oytun Erbaş, stating that the honey will cover the wound in the best way, said, “Honey is anti-germ. Wherever you drop the honey, it kills the microbe there.”

TUBITAK experimental medicine specialist and R&D Laboratory Founder Assoc. Dr. Oytun Erbaş said that honey prevents vascular stiffness at the “Bee Products, Apitherapy and Apiturism Seminar” held in a hotel in Icmeler District.

Stating that the bee has many benefits, Erbaş said:

“You can cover the wound in the most possible way. You can cover all the wounds with honey. Honey is anti-germ. Wherever you drop the honey, it kills the microbe. Honey and honey products delay aging. Honey is protective against vascular stiffness and cancer. Royal jelly, female and male reproductive functions and having children Pollen is a very good source of protein for children. It plays an important role in the lengthening and development of children. “

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