Turkish Street Food / Turkey’s Street Tasty Part 1

When we can’t find time to eat at busy business, school hustle and bustling restaurants,that we have received from the street stalls and feed our stomach, Here we are with Turkey’s indispensable street flavors: Turkish Street Foods

Turkish Street Foods

1- Simit ( Turkish Bagel )

Simit ( Turkish Bagel ) Turkish Street Foods

One of the most well-known and preferred Turkish street delicacies is undoubtedly Simit ( Turkish Bagel ) with plenty of sesame seeds and crispy form. Simit, which is produced as sweet in Adana region and called sesame without bald in Kastamonu region, is often preferred because it is budget friendly. E if you eat one of the best places, do not touch … Enjoy breakfast and tea with cheese and separate buttermilk is separate with the pleasure of ayran.

2- Boyoz / Turkish Street Food

Boyoz / Turkish Street Foods

Boyoz, which has become one of the symbols of Izmir in its crispy form, is a kind of pastry that very delicious a street food.

3- Doner Kebab / Turkish Street Food

Doner Kebab / Turkish Street Food

It may be the most well-known and perhaps the most consumed street flavor. You can taste the best doner kebab in Istanbul and Uludag Kebapcisi in Bursa, which is made by cooking the meat slowly on a big skewer with wood fire. You can eat meat doner or chicken doner according to your preference of red meat or white meat.

4- Fish and Bread / Turkish Street Tasty

Fish and Bread / Turkish Street Food

Fish bread is made everywhere but the best is eaten in Eminönü. While trying to catch the steamer among the crowd, the mackerel and greens put between the fresh bread and cooked in the giant grills make people feel their hunger and turn their way. You will immediately forget the fish breads you eat in other places with the reasonable price and the taste remaining on your palate.

5- Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice / Turkish Street Food

Pickle juice, which is sold in Eminönü along with fish bread, is offered in small benches in Fatih and Beyoğlu. Pickle juice, which is one of the most delicious and old flavors, is sold in plastic cups with small cut pieces of pickles. You must taste this unique taste where you will be totally addicted with salty and sour taste. Aside from balancing the blood pressure falling during the summer months, especially if you drink icy ones, you can cool down for a moment in the sweltering summer heat.

6- Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed mussels Turkish Street Food
Stuffed mussels Turkish Street Food

Usually in the coastal areas abundant and preferred, the best way to evaluate your coins more street flavor! Served with plenty of lemon on the stalls and a starter can only stop after eating half of the tray on the counter, it is simply addictive.

7- Kokoreç

Kokoreç Turkish Street Food
Kokoreç Turkish Street Food

Lovers who start by saying that I eat a quarter of bread and could not stop himself eating a full up and off the table, you do not like how you eat this addictive taste of the face. It is known that it is difficult to find a good corkorean, but eating corkore is a privilege in Ortaköy and Çengelköy in Istanbul.

8- Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas

Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas Turkish Street Food
Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas Turkish Street Food

where we ask Chickpea pilaf first places that come to mind in Turkey , we certainly get a large majority of Unkapanı answer. After all, the famous Unkapanı Pilavcısı’s reputation has been beyond the borders of Istanbul for years. What makes it possible to create rows in front of the counter is undoubtedly the same taste for years. If you want to pay for a very small fee, you can also add chicken in this rice pilafcı order while remembering to ask for buttermilk as a drink.

9- Boza

Boza Turkish Streed Drink
Boza Turkish Streed Drink

In winter, with a large amount of vitamins content, albeit a bit warm to drink the best of the boza, which is the best language to drink for 100 years, Vefa Bozacısı’nın Istanbul Fatih. Optionally, while sipping your boza, served with cinnamon and roasted roasted chickpeas, you can come back to the old days.

10- Kumru

Kumru Turkish Street Food
Kumru Turkish Street Food

The dove which is a kind of sandwich is delicious enough to be a meal in itself. Although it is known as an aperitif, remember to consider that you may find it difficult to finish, especially if you coincide with that in Izmir. One of the famous street flavors of Izmir, dove, special sandwich bread, kashar, salami, sausage, sausage, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and so on. is a food that you can find in Historical Alsancak Gevrek Bakery and Kırkmerdiven

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