Why no of coronavirus cases in Turkey ? Why is there no death cases in Turkey coronavirus ? What are turkish food and beverages that increase body immune resistance ?

I want to share your an article about, “Why do coronavirus outbreak in Turkey?” What are Turkish dishes and beverages that increase body resistance to protect against coronavirus? How to ensure personal hygiene at home and at work in Turkey? What are traditional Turkish recipes and Turkish beverage recipes to protect against coronavirus?

Turkish Ministry of Health, the coronavirus from the outset took strict measures to prevent the entry into the country. The Turkish government has established a health science board affiliated to the ministry of health and acted with the decisions of the health science board. Turkey, comes along coronavirus cases in neighboring countries closed their land borders and canceled flights. The health ministry, Turkish citizens from abroad or kept under quarantine for 14 days and receive supervision and Turkish people were made permanently disclosures that should be paid attention to personal hygiene informing them about coronaviruses.

What is attention to personal and general cleanliness and hygiene in Turkey? Turks, how to do personal and household cleaning?

In Turkey, the coronavirus is effective and dangerous as they make the majority of people over the age of 55 and this means taking prayer ablutions at least 5 times a day. Taking ablution at least 5 times a day means washing hands, face, mouth, nose, arms and feet with water at least 5 times a day. This naturally ensures over the age of 55, the most dangerous age group, personal hygiene and minimizes the outbreak. Of course, these are not alone factors.

As personal hygiene,

Worldwide, exiting the toilet with hand washing with soap and hygiene as Turkey’s 97% rate in the first row. In Turkey; Hands are washed with soap before entering home, before eating and before sleeping. In every home and office, it is mostly found in the cologne and the hands are disinfected with the cologne.

Home cleaning,

In Turkey, mostly large, spring cleaning, cleaning preparations for winter, cleaned weekly and monthly cleaning of the house on a daily basis, especially the feast. almost every day, house dust is removed, places are wiped and the vacuum cleaner is operated. Every weekend, the corner bottom is cleaned with domestos and the house is disinfected.

These personal and home cleaning are traditional habits and a hygienic and clean environment naturally occurs both individually and as living spaces.

What are turkish food and beverages that increase body immune resistance ?

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