Palace Dessert : Revani Recipe

Easy Revani Recipe. How to make Turkish Revani Recipe ?

The mouth of the Turkish food recipes we shared with you are from the Ottoman Palaces. This sharing is the dessert Revani Recipe, which is very popular in the Ottoman palaces.

Today we will put one of the most delicious palace desserts, the revani, for dinner. While applying Revani dessert recipe, we will recall that the palace kitchen is one of the most important things left from the Ottoman Empire. We will suit it very well for the recipes we make. We will add it to our favorites among the dessert recipes.

In fact, it is possible to make Revani recipe easily and practically at home. You can find the answer to the question of “How to make Revani dessert?” step by step below. Our recipe for making delicious semolina and full-sized revani has a trick to know. you can understand by seeing. If the drop of sherbet does not spread, it means that it has kept its consistency and is ready for the production of revani. Thus, “How to pour Revani sherbet, how should the sherbet sherbet be?” We also relieved those who wondered the answer to the question.

You can find the revani-made tricks that we consider for the intensity of the syrup and the puffiness of the cake.

So let’s not extend the word further, let’s leave you with the best revani recipe.

Ingredients for Revani Recipe

3 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup grits
1.5 cups of flour
1 cup of yogurt
1 packet of baking powder
1 pack of vanillin

For the syrup:

2.5 cups of granulated sugar
3 cups of water
1/2 lemon juice

For service:

2 tablespoons of grated coconut

The Tip to Revani Recipe

To understand the consistency of sherbet; insert a spoon into the syrup and remove it. If you drip one of the last drops on your finger, if the drop does not spread, the sherbet has reached its ideal consistency. it is recommended not to use a large ovenware

How to Make Revani Recipe?

1- To prepare the dessert sherbet; Transfer 3 cups of water and 2.5 cups of powdered sugar into a pot.

2- Boil for about 30 minutes on low heat, add lemon juice and remove from the stove to warm.

3- Transfer 3 eggs into a bowl.

4- Mix 1 tea glass of powdered sugar with a mixer until the sugar melts completely.

5- Add 1 cup of sunflower oil, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of semolina and mix again.

6- Finally, add 1.5 cups of flour, 1 packet of baking powder and 1 pack of vanilla to the mixture and continue whisking.

7- Pour the revani mixture you prepared into the oiled oven-resistant mold.

8- Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. After the first temperature of the revanine you take out of the oven has passed, pour it on the cooled syrup at room temperature and wait until it absorbs the syrup.

9- Then slice the revani with a knife.

10- Sprinkle with grated coconut into the warm dessert that you have sliced and serve. Bon Appetit! : )

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